Davidson - a College Town Grown Up

Davidson, NC is home to Davidson College, but isn't your normal college town.

Source: Ocaid Photography

The home of Davidson College, Davidson NC is located in northern Mecklenburg County, on the shores of Lake Norman.  The college plays a vital role in the community’s entertainment, education, and employment scenes. Recent years have seen significant development and growth downtown and in commercial areas closer to the lake and I77.

The Town of Davidson has grown up around the college which predates the community.  The community grew with roots in the textile industry.  Many of the old facilities have found new life as renovated commercial and retail zones.  The community has received numerous awards for its planning and community development efforts. The concerted effort to develop a new and modern community while maintaining its connection to architectural roots is evident and has created a vibrant and proud community.

The Community has embraced the use of bicycles along most of its main streets, carving out bike lanes and traffic patterns that make it easy to access the vibrant downtown and retail areas from its many residential areas and the campus.

The campus provides a strong backbone to the cultural and entertainment options in the community.  College sports always prove to be a strong draw.  The college offers a number of interesting educational and cultural opportunities to residents. The community also boasts a regionally renowned community theater group that puts on numerous productions each year.

Learning Here

Davidson College sits at the center of a community that is very focused on its educational achievements.  Top rated public schools in the Charlotte Mecklenburg School system continue this tradition, along with high quality private and charter schools.

Living Here

A thriving downtown and campus area anchor a community that loves to eat and gather downtown for a variety of festivals and community events.  Live music is the focus in the summer months and a Christmas celebration that draws visitors from across the region highlight some of these events

Working Here

Davidson College is one of the community’s largest employers.  But community amenities have attracted a wide range of businesses to the community.  Ingersoll Rand has its world headquarters in Davidson and is a major employer as well.  Charlotte is only minutes away.